With over 12 successful events, participants have raised over


How to Get Involved

Sponsorship opportunities and the value your support creates…

While our youth represent only 20% of our population, they make up 100% of the future.

A “youth helping youth” program, Cops and Rockers further teaches our youth at a young age to:

  • Raise awareness for a specific cause
  • Develop their sense of community
  • Understand the values of inclusions (anti-bullying) and
  • How to think beyond themselves

The administrative and out of pocket costs of hosting these live events are over $25,000.00 per event.

Our commitment from day one was to guarantee that 100% of the funds raised locally, stayed locally, directly supporting the local Chief’s youth-related cause. This has been realized for every single event since 2005 by securing corporate support.

We understand that no two partnerships are the same. Your cause-related marketing support message should be as unique as your corporate values are and we’ll work together to tailor a specific package to meet your objectives.

Cops and Rockers support, sponsorship / partnership opportunities are available as:

  • Media Sponsor
  • Website Sponsor
  • National / Provincial Sponsor
  • Breakfast with the Chief Sponsor
  • Local Event Title Sponsor
  • Much Video Dance Sponsor
  • Event Gift-Presenting Sponsor
  • Print Sponsor
  • T-Shirt Sponsor
  • Signature Sponsor
  • Supporter - cash or in-kind gifts
  • Online Donation Supporter (to your list of contacts for a specific event)
  • Etc…

Join us in advocating youth to "engage and pay forward". To learn more about the details and benefits of supporting your local Chief of Police and our youth, please contact us today and we will arrange to meet with you to detail and develop the specific exposure your generous support deserves.

To discuss the many opportunities, call 1-613-932-1007 / Toll Free 1-888-243-6437, or e-mail us at Cops and Rockers.

PS: Want to host an event in your community? Contact us today!